Information for KTH Series D Air Compressors
·         Please support your American factories. 
·         Air compressors are Assembled in Maryland.
·         We carry units from 10 hp to 150 hp.
·         Direct Drive System – Higher Efficiency
·         Reduced maintenance
·         Reduced noise level

      ·         Saves Energy

      ·         Saves Money 

      ·         We have 208/230 volts

·         Precision high volume rotary screw air end
·         Air inlet filter and intake valve automatic capacity control: load/unload
·         Premium efficiency electric motor
·         ASME Certification TUV Certification
·         VFD touch screen controls
·         Microprocessor display information: exhaust pressure, temperature, running time, motor current, state of load/unload                   
·         Use and replacement time for lubricant, air filter, oil filter, and oil separator
·         Protection with automatic shutdown @ high temperature, high pressure, low oil, missing phase, wrong rotation and motor overload and               emergency shutdown button
·         Low voltage starting, soft start saves on your electric bill
·         Integrated oil separation system with minimum pressure valve, thermostatic vale, safety valve
·         Full sound enclosure 62DB +/- 2
·         2 year warranty on air ends
·         1 year on all parts
·         Units run at 145 PSI
·         Direct drive means no belt
·         We beat our competitors by thousands of dollars.
·         You can do all your own maintenance.
·         You will save hundreds of dollars on maintenance, because we provide you the codes.
·         We provide 24/7 customer service located in Maryland.
·         All products are in stock and ready to ship.